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Dual Pediatrics Ambulatory Pediatrics Experience

Diverse Community Experience
Columbus is a diverse community, and so are our patients. Hispanics, Asians and Africans have immigrated to the city, which already is highly diverse both racially and culturally. This provides our residents with the valuable experience of treating people from culturally rich backgrounds.

Resident Clinic
Each resident is assigned a weekly half-day continuity clinic at Nationwide Children's Hilltop Close To HomeSM Physician Care Center. Resident Clinic hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Each resident also will spend a four-week block, each academic year, as a clinic resident. During that block rotation, the clinic resident also is responsible for seeing babies in the nursery every morning at Doctors Hospital. The resident reviews the chart, maternal history, birth history, etc. and completes a newborn exam prior to the attending arriving and fills out all of the necessary paperwork. The resident speaks to the parents regarding consent for a circumcision, if indicated. The attending physician is present for all procedures.

Most children seen at the clinic are from underserved populations, and many have complex medical needs. The clinic resident will see sick visits, continuity patients and newborn follow-ups. Clinic residents are responsible for all the paperwork in the office, including mommy calls, labs, billing sheets and various patient forms. All paperwork needs to be signed, dated and placed in the patient's chart. Clinic residents also are responsible for teaching any medical students that are rotating in the clinic. After hours, the clinic resident takes home call from a nurse triage line, in addition to calls from the Doctors Hospital Emergency Room regarding adolescent admissions and calls from Doctors Hospital's Newborn Nursery.

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) Clinic
While on their primary care block, dual residents spend a half day a week seeing patients in our innovative OMM clinic at the Hilltop Primary Care CenterSM. This dedicated clinic receives referrals from Nationwide Children's Hospital and from local physicians. Under supervision of our OMM faculty preceptor, our residents see and treat a variety of conditions using osteopathic manipulative medicine.

"OMM clinic has been a great opportunity to introduce our patients to osteopathic manipulative medicine in a more formal way, with visits designated specifically for treatment. Dr. Jordan is a great teacher and is very patient. The sessions are very hands-on for the resident and have helped me to feel more comfortable treating very small babies and even playful toddlers who are not interested in sitting still for long."

-Lindsey Barrick, DO
Former Dual Pediatrics Resident

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