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Salary and Benefits

Nationwide Children's residency program values a resident's work life and personal time. Please review all the benefits available to our residents. If you need any further clarification, please email Debbie Turpening at Debbie.Turpening@NationwideChildrens.org or call (614) 722-4410.

Salary Information

Salaries for 2016-2017 Pediatric Residents are:

  • PL-1: $51,658.84
  • PL-2: $53,252.16
  • PL-3: $54,713.94

Paid Relocation

A "matched student" who moves to Columbus, Ohio to begin residency will receive assistance with relocation expenses.

Paid Time-Off

  • 21 Days Vacation + 6 Days Holiday Break (PL-1)
  • 21 Days Vacation + Conf. Time (according to policy guidelines) & 6 Days Holiday Break (PL-2)
  • 21 Days Vacation + Conf. Time (according to policy guidelines)  & 6 Days Holiday Break (PL-3)

Holiday Break is taken over Christmas or New Year's.

Paid Leave

28 Days Over Three Years (includes 7 interview days). Other uses: Personal illness; family illness; bereavement; birth of a child; adoption

Academic Fund

$500(PL-1)- $500(PL-2) - $900(PL-3)
Uses: Professional meetings; medical books; journals; software; professional memberships

Paid Meals

  • Monthly Meal Allowance ($60) during 12+ hour shift rotations
  • Catered Evening Meals on Weekends
  • Coffee Service in Resident Center

Paid Fees

  • Paid Licenses: $1,250 —Temporary, Permanent, & Renewal of Medical Licenses
  • Paid Parking Fees: Nationwide Children's Hospital and The Ohio State University
  • Paid Memberships: AAP, AOA and ACOP Membership 

Lab Coats and Scrubs Provided

  • Three Lab Coats & Three Sets of Scrubs

Sponsored Life Support Certs & Renewals

  • AAP's Neonatal Resuscitation Certification & Recertification
  • Basic Life Support Recertification
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification & Recertification
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Recertification


  • Paid Insurance
    • Personal Malpractice (within confines of residency)
    • Disability Insurance (during residency)
    • Life Insurance (during residency)
  • Shared Premiums
    • Employee Health Benefit Plan (includes medical, dental, and vision).
  • Faculty Appointment
    • OSU Faculty appointment entitles resident to faculty privileges at OSU facilities which includes the use of library copiers, athletic facilities, and golf course, and discount passes for OSU cultural events.

Sponsored Events

  • $2,000 Annual Housestaff Social Fund
  • Annual Holiday Parties
  • Resident Recognition Dinner
  • Shrimp Extravaganza
  • Ongoing Resident Planned Get-Togethers
  • Pediatric Trauma Course

Retreats & Orientation

  • New Resident Orientation
  • PL-1 Retreat -Two Days
  • Supervisory Training Workshop - Two Days
  • PL-2 Retreat - One Day
  • PL-3 Retreat - One Day
  • OMM Retreat - Two Days


  • Nationwide Children's Hospital NICU
  • Nationwide Children's Hospital PICU
  • Nationwide Children's Hospital PCC
  • Nationwide Children's Hospital BMT
  • Ohio State University NICU

On-site Child Care

Children's has an on-site child care facility that is available to all employees. Early registration is encouraged due to limited class size.

Resident Contract

Special circumstances for individual programs may result in some deviations in the contract. Please contact the individual Program Director or Karen E. Heiser, Ph.D., Vice-President of Nationwide Children’s Institute for Pediatric Education, at (614) 722-4905 if you have questions. View Resident Contract

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