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Contact Information

The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital
700 Children's Drive
Columbus, OH 43205
phone: (614) 722-2700
fax: (614) 722-2716



John A. Barnard, MD
(614) 722-2880

Lauren O. Bakaletz, PhD
Vice President, Basic Sciences Research
(614) 722-2915

Kelly J. Kelleher, MD, MPH
Vice President, Health Services Research
(614) 722-3066

Simon M. Lin, MD, CSDP
Chief Research Information Officer
(614) 355-6629

William E. Smoyer, MD
Vice President, Clinical Research
(614) 722-2683

Bruce Stevenson, PhD
Vice President, Research Operations
(614) 355-3408

Amy Roscoe
Vice President for Strategic Planning and Finance
(614) 722-2705

Veronica Vieland, PhD
Vice President, Computational Research
(614) 355-5651

C. Philip Bowers
Director, Research Facilities
(614) 355-3415

William Chinn
Director, Financial Planning
(614) 355-1559

Robyn Cunningham
Director, Research Compliance & Integrity-Research Institute, GMP Lab
(614) 722-2599

Igor Dvorchik, PhD
Director, Biostatistics 
(614) 355-5647

Lori Evans
Director, Purchasing
(614) 722-4987

Debbie H. Fine
Director, Research Services
(614) 355-3416

Yungui Huang
Director, Research Data and Computing
(614) 355-5630

Grant Morrow, III, MD
Medical Director
(614) 722-2784

Jason Morrison
Director, Research Information Technology
(614) 355-5642

Christopher J. Shilling, MS
Director, Drug and Device Development Services
(614) 722-6960

Grace Wentzel, CCRP
Director, Clinical Research Services
(614) 355-3577

Aaron Ufferman
Director, Sponsored Projects
(614) 355-3426

Allison Zang
Director, Accounting
(614) 355-2610

Centers of Emphasis

Lauren O. Bakaletz, PhD
Director, Center for Microbial Pathogenesis
(614) 722-2915

Irina Buhimschi, MD
Director, Center for Perinatal Research
(614) 355-6720

Cynthia Gerhardt, PhD
Interim Director, Center for Biobehavioral Health
(614) 722-4723

Peter Houghton, PhD
Director, Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Diseases
(614) 355-2670

Kelly J. Kelleher, MD, MPH
Director, Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice
(614) 722-3066

Pamela Lucchesi, PhD
Director, Center for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research
Interim Director, Center for Molecular and Human Genetics
(614) 722-5753

Jerry R. Mendell, MD
Director, Center for Gene Therapy
(614) 722-2203

Leif Nelin, MD
Director, Center for Perinatal Research
(614) 355-6719

Gary A. Smith, MD, DrPH
Director, Center for Injury Research and Policy
(614) 355-5884

William E. Smoyer, MD
Director, Center for Clinical and Translational Research
(614) 722-2683

Veronica Vieland, PhD
Director, Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine
(614) 355-5651

Christopher M. Walker, PhD
Director, Center for Vaccine and Immunity
(614) 722-2735









Nationwide Children's Hospital
700 Children's Drive Columbus, Ohio 43205 614.722.2000