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Transcutaneous Magnetic Stimulation in Children with Stroke

Purpose of study:

To determine whether repetitive magnetic stimulation applied to the side of the brain opposite the stroke is tolerated by children ages 6-18 years who have chronic motor after effects from a stroke.

To determine whether 8 sessions of repetitive magnetic stimulation to the healthy side of the brain improves grip strength and hand mobility when compared with sham stimulation. 

Who can participate: 

1. A history of ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke at least 6 months prior to recruitment, and causing current motor impairment of hand function

2. The stroke spares side to side communication pathways.

3. Stroke confirmed by brain MRI or CT

4. Ages 6-18 years.

What will happen during the study: 

We will recruit potential subjects from clinics at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Subjects will have initial strength and mobility assessments in the laboratory of Dr. Jill Heathcock at OSU. Subjects will be randomly assigned to active or sham repetitive magnetic stimulation that will be performed at the NCH EEG laboratory. All subjects will have cognitive screening before and after each stimulation session. A total of 8 stimulation sessions will be performed over 2 weeks. Subjects will have biomechanical parameters tested before stimulation, at the end of stimulation sessions, and 2-3 months later.

Who to contact: 

Dr. Warren Lo, Neurology Division 614-722-4625
Clinical Study Center 614-722-2650 

Nationwide Children's Hospital
700 Children's Drive Columbus, Ohio 43205 614.722.2000