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Perinatal Brain Injury Magnetic Resonance Imaging (PBI-MRI) Study

The Perinatal Brain Injury Magnetic Resonance Imaging (PBI-MRI) study is a research study to help improve our understanding of brain development in premature infants. Because brain injury and abnormal brain development are common in premature infants, we want to understand what causes it and what can help make it better. In this study we use MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) as well as EEG (Electroencephalograms) to study the brain at various stages of development. We then follow the infants’ development for 2 years. The information we learn from this study could help us improve the care and outcomes for very preterm infants.

In this study, we use a special infant transporter, called the Nomag to transport infants to MRI. This transporter is a fully functional MRI isolette with full monitoring and treatment capabilities.

Contact Information:
For more information, you can call Jennifer Notestine at 614-355-6634.

Study Updates for PBI-MRI:
As of October 2014, our enrollment is complete. We only have a few infants who are finishing their final MRI and EEG. Many of our participants have turned a year old, and several have reached two years of age.

We encourage all our participants to continue to attend your developmental assessments - these are important for your child's health and well-being, as well as for our study. We thank all our participant families for being such an integral part of this study. We hope to learn many things that will help premature infants in the future.

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