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Baby CHAMP Study: Therapy Trial for Infants and Toddlers with Hemiparetic Cerebral Palsy

What is the purpose of this study?

The Frequency: Dosing for Rehabilitation Delivery in Children with Cerebral Palsy study, also known as the Baby CHAMP Study, is a clinical trial to compare three highly promising forms of therapy for infants and toddlers who have a diagonsis of hemiparetic cerebral palsy. The therapy is designed to increase the child’s skills and everyday use of the impaired (weaker) upper extremity. 

Who can participate in this study?

Infants and toddlers are eligible to participate if their parents provide signed permissions and if they meet the following conditions:

  • 6-24 months old at the time the therapy will start
  • Have a medical diagnosis of cerebral palsy (CP)
  • Have significant impairment in the use of one of their upper extremeties (arm and hand) - this is often labeled hemiparesis or asymmetrical CP
  • Can communicate their basic needs and are able to interact in a playful way with a familiar adult, such as their parent or a therapist
  • Have one or both parents who are willing to participate in learning how to provide at-home therapy activities that will involve about 45 minutes per day over a four-week period (described in more detail below)


What will happen during this study?

First, we will ask you to provide us with a copy of your child's medical record and your child's MRI scans, which you can obtain from your physician and share with us. We will ask that you do this when you enroll in the study and then again 12 months after treatment.

Because part of this study involves your participating in therapy, we will also ask you to participate in a 2-3 training about ACQUIRE and how to use these approaches safely and effectively with your child. There are three types of therapies:

  • Condition 1 is named ACQUIRE with casting - this therapy condition involves your child having a lightweight, semi-flexible cast molded for his or her "stronger arm."
  • Condition 2 is named ACQUIRE with part-time splint - this therapy condition involves your child wearing a splint that covers just part of the "stronger arm" (from the mid-arm through the fingers).
  • Condition 3 is named ACQUIRE for both arms - this therapy condition is identical to the two conditions above, except that your child does not wear any constraint on the "stronger arm" during therapy or in non-therapy time.

As part of the therapy, for three hours each day and five days each week, an ACQUIRE therapist will provide therapy that focuses on the therapy goals that you and your therapist select as important for your child. Each day of the week, you will also provide an additional 45 minutes of practice for your child. 

The therapy will occur in your home (or a natural environment, such as grandparents' home or other caregiver's home) during the month-long period of therapy. At the end of the four weeks, the therapist will develop with you a plan for post-treatment activities.


Who can I contact for more information?

For more details, please contact Christopher Brown at (614) 688-2081 or or contact Dr. Amy Darragh at

Nationwide Children's Hospital
700 Children's Drive Columbus, Ohio 43205 614.722.2000