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Hematology Clinical Trials

Nationwide Children's has almost 200 clinical trials underway to determine the safety and effectiveness of drug treatments in children, and is continuing to partner with leading researchers and companies around the world to help improve the outcomes of children with cancer.

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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Here at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, we diagnose more than 150 patients per year with a form of childhood cancer. Our Hematology/Oncology/BMT physicians and researchers are currently involved in more than twenty different studies to find out more about the biology of childhood cancer and are making great progress toward finding a cure, but we will not stop until every child is cancer free. That’s why Nationwide Children’s is rallying behind Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and kicking off our biggest campaign against cancer. We look forward to your help in increasing awareness of childhood cancer throughout our entire community.

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Patient Testimonials

Our patients, whether in their infant years or becoming teenagers and facing high school, all know that our  cancer team is standing behind them with full support, looking forward to the ringing of the milestone bell for each and every child in our hematology/oncology/BMT unit. Check out the stories below about our patients and the experiences they’ve had here at Nationwide Children’s.

Meghan's Story

A young synchronized swimmer on the U.S. National team with dreams for the 2012 Summer Olympics has a new dream and goal after doctors found a tumor in her knee and diagnosed her with Osteosarcoma.

Meet Ramona

As a young, first-time mother, Tara Loy knew that others might think she was overreacting.  But she didn’t let that stop her. Something wasn’t right with her little 9-month old, Ramona, and she was determined to find out what was wrong.  After a trip to her pediatrician, Ramona was referred to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Tara will never forget the doctor telling her that her only child had cancer – neuroblastoma, to be precise – a rare cancer that spreads quickly and is often diagnosed after the cancer has spread.

In Ramona’s case, x-rays revealed the tumor and doctors determined that it was occupying 60 to 70 % of her abdomen and had spread to one of her kidneys.

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The staff at Nationwide Children's Hospital moved quickly to help Ramona.  She had a difficult surgery to remove part of her adrenal gland, as well as the affected kidney.  Complications further magnified the situation when the good kidney wasn’t functioning properly after surgery.  As a result, Ramona was put on dialysis for a week.  After surgery, Ramona also had IV chemotherapy and radiation.

Today, Ramona is an active 3 year old and shows no signs of the disease, although doctors will continue to monitor her for years to come.  She loves the outdoors, enjoys watching movies, craves chocolate milk and loves spending time with her friends at preschool.


During the month of September:

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  • Be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel for new videos in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!
  • Check out the AEP building to see it lit up in gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month September 23-29.
  • Take a look at our Infographic and see just how serious childhood cancer is for so many children!
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