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Cerebral Palsy Program Nursing and Social Work Staff

Lamara Love, BSN, RN, CPN

Lamara Love graduated from the Ohio State University College of Nursing. She has worked as a pediatric nurse for 30 years and is certified in pediatrics. Lamara has been at Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH) for 27 years; 18 years coordinating the NCH Hospital-Based, Region IV, Help Me Grow Child Find Program. She has been an active member of the NCH Action Network Advocacy Group, belongs to the National Society of Pediatric Nurses and American Holistic Nurses Association. Lamara is the Comprehensive Cerebral Palsy Program Coordinator and is responsible for program development, and operational oversight to include the supervision of nursing and care coordination services.

Judith Lang, BSN, RN, CPN

Judith Lang graduated for the College of Mount Saint Joseph School of Nursing.  She has worked as pediatric nurse for 30 years and is certified in pediatrics. Experiences include 5 years at  Dayton Children’s in the PICU/NICU, Home Health Pediatric nurse for MCH services, over 10 years at Ohio Pediatrics in Dayton Ohio, 3 years at Westside Primary Care at Nationwide Children’s and currently is a BCMH Service Coordinator for the Comprehensive Cerebral Palsy Clinic. She is a member of AACPDM and National Society of Pediatric Nurses.

Pamela Studer, RN, BSN

Pamela Studer has been a nurse for 20 years with a background in ICU and public health nursing. Pam also has a child with Cerebral Palsy and is well aware of the challenges families with children that  have special complex care needs face.  Pam assists families with Care Coordination and BCMH Service Coordination.

Dhru Patel, BSN, RN

Dhru Patel graduated from the Mount Carmel College of Nursing. She worked as a pediatric nurse for over a year at  Nationwide Children’s Hospital in the NICU.  Dhru has a degree of Pharmacy from India, and worked as a pharmacy technician in the USA while she was pursing her nursing degree. Dhru assists families with care coordination. 

Sha Clark

Sha Clark is the Social Work CP Program Manager.  She received her BA from Purdue University in 1986 and her MSW from The Ohio State University in 1988.  In 1992 she was certified as a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) and received her Supervisor designation (LISW-S) in 2008.  Sha has worked at Nationwide Children's Hospital since 1997 in various areas of the hospital, including the Cerebral Palsy clinic since 2001.

Sha’s role is to assist families with the social, emotional and financial difficulties that can occur as a result of having a child with Cerebral Palsy. She can provide information about the hospital, link families with community resources, and assist with care coordination.  Sha also serves as an advocate for the patient and family and can address any additional needs that may be identified by the family or the Cerebral Palsy Program staff.

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