Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research Projects :: Nationwide Children's Hospital

Basic Science in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Medicine

  • How oxidative stress and environmental pollutants contribute to cardiovascular disease

  • Cardiac remodeling in congenital and acquired cardiovascular disease
  • Fetal imprinting of adult cardiovascular disease
  • Pathophysiological mechanisms of cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary disease, including the development and use of highly suitable animal models of human disease
  • Molecular mechanisms of vascular proliferative diseases 

Patient-Centered Research Projects in Cardiology

  • Benefits of blood conservation techniques in pediatric cardiac surgery to promote positive surgical outcomes and improved quality of life
  • Neurocognitive outcomes of cardiac hybrid surgical procedures
  • Cardiovascular dysfunction in adults with congenital heart disease
  • Identification of biomarkers in pediatrics populations at high risk for developing heart disease

The Heart Center

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