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Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine

Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine


To apply state-of-the-art quantitative methods to basic and clinical research, in order to better inform and ultimately to improve clinical care in pediatrics.


Biomedical research is increasingly dependent upon sophisticated mathematical and computational techniques. The Research Institute recognized the importance of this area by investing in a new Center of Emphasis in 2006, and in 2007, The Battelle Memorial Institute made a transformative gift of $5 million to establish the Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine (BCMM) and the Battelle Chair in Quantitative and Computational Biology.


The BCMM provides a unique environment in which specialists from a variety of mathematical and computational areas share a professional home. The melding of diverse quantitative and computational perspectives and technologies under one roof is designed to provide a springboard for uniquely collaborative work across the quantitative disciplines, leading to development of innovative methodological tools for addressing biological questions. Our location on the Nationwide Children's Hospital campus facilitates collaborative research with investigators from the other research Centers and the Hospital. Active involvement in clinical research gives our basic research purpose, both shaping it (showing us where new methods are needed) and giving us an opportunity to make a direct contribution (by applying those methods).

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