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Adult Congenital Heart Research


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Grant Funded Projects

REACH: A Clinical-Research Information System for Adult Congenital Heart Disease: Facilitating Research Through Automated Electronic Integration of Data Sources
Principal Investigator: Ali N Zaidi, MD
NIH Funded / Oregon Health Science University
Collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital, OHSU, Cincinnati Children’s, Wisconsin Children’s and Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Illness Knowledge and Self-Management for Adolescents, Emerging Adults, and Adults with Congenital Heart Disease.
IRB approved
Principal Investigator: Jamie Jackson, PhD (Clinical Psychology)
Recruitment began April 2012
NIH T 32 Training Grant
CRI Grant
Mentors: Curt J Daniels MD, Kathy Vannatta, PhD,

Assessment of the Genetic Knowledge of Adolescents and Young Adults with Congenital Heart Defects and their Parents
IRB approved
Principal Investigator: Sara Fitzgerald Butt, PhD (Clinical Genetics)
Recruitment in began in April 2012
2012 Jane Engelberg Memorial Fellowship, an annual grant from the Engelberg Foundation to the National Society of Genetic Counselors, Inc.
Collaboration with: Vidu Garg MD, Sara Fitzgerald-Butt PhD, Ali N Zaidi, MD

Assessing the Cardiac, Obstetric and Anesthetic Risk and Outcomes of Pregnant Women with Adult Congenital Heart Disease – A single center experience.
Pregnancy database created
Data entry using REDCap data entry software
> 500 women with CHD enrolled
IRB approved (reciprocity b/w OSU and NCH)
Principal Investigator: Ali N Zaidi, MD, with multiple collaborators
Intramural grant funding

Ongoing projects

Cognitive Impairment and Psychological Impairment in the Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Population
IRB approved
Principal Investigator: Ali N. Zaidi
Recruitment in fall 2012
Screening for cognitive impairment, anxiety and depression
Blood collection for DNA bank
Collaboration with Vidu Garg MD, Sara Fitzgerald-Butt PhD, Kim McBride MD, Cathy Butz, PhD and Ali N Zaidi, MD

Multi center pulmonary hypertension in ACHD registry
Multi-center ACHD Eisenmenger patient registry


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